01. Gerry is [somewhat] taller than his brother.
02. We left home [somewhat] later than we intended because it took a while to eat breakfast.
03. We were [somewhat] disappointed with the movie.
04. The weather in Victoria is [somewhat] milder than that of Nanaimo.
05. The Asian economies have improved [somewhat] in the last few months.
06. She is [somewhat] older than her husband even though she looks younger.
07. She looked [somewhat] older without her make-up on.
08. Your sister has changed [somewhat] since she came back from college.
09. Tomorrow's match is expected to be [somewhat] more challenging than today's.
10. I was [somewhat] tired after work and decided to take a short nap.
11. Conditions in my country have improved [somewhat] since I last visited.
12. Ludwig Wittgenstein once observed that if we spoke a different language, we would perceive a [somewhat] different world.
13. Fifteen percent of Americans say they follow news about U.S. relations with other countries " very closely," another 50 percent follow it "[somewhat] closely," while 34 percent admit to not following it closely at all.
14. Crystal has been [somewhat] cool towards me since she heard that I went out with another girl.
15. The planet Mars has a surface which is [somewhat] similar to that of our moon.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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